Welcome aboard the D-EEFB,
a biplane built by Jean Stampe,
one of aviationís early figureheads.
The unique story of this particular aircraft begins

Source Note:
The following pictures and information have been transferred by my dear friend and colleague Reginald Jouhaud, author of the book: Les avions Stampe, Amsterdam 1999. He met Jean Stampe personally and interviewed him and got documents from his personal archive. Documents are as well from of the Museum of Antwerp and its founder Danny Cabooter.

Further sources of the documentation Jean Stampe:
Reginald Jouhaud: documents from personal conversations in the house of Jean Stampe with access to his personal archive.
Document exchange Reginald Jouhaud with Willy Coppens de Houthulst.
Excerpts from the book: Aviateurs célèbres et un intrus au temps des hélices, Author: Coppens de Houthulst, Ostende 1973.
The photo material comes also from the personal archive of Jean Stampe, provided with its suggestions and comments, which are transferred to the aviation museums in Brussels (airmuseum) and its founder Michel Terlinden and the Stampe & Vertongen Museum in Antwerpen and its founder Danny Cabooter. Additional sources are the private archives of Reginald Jouhaud, Jean Dillen, author of the book: Fliegerhorst Antwerpen-Deurne 1940 published in 1992, and Guy Guldenkauf.